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What's the point of this site?

Initially ArdorMix was created as a personal website, just for a bit of fun!
Now that its up to version 3, this site’s main purpose is to showcase some of my talents
in the areas of Digital Imaging, Animation and of course Website Design.
Please feel free to Contact me, and check out my online Resumé.
I’m always on the lookout for new work and a challenge,
so if you want me to make or design something for you, just send me an Email!

So there you have it.
Make yourself comfy and take a look around my site!

Saturday the 18th of December 2004
- more valuable than a briefcase full of steak.

Latest Screenographs:
Mother & Son - The Sims 2 Naked and Loving It - The Sims 2 ''You're Crazy!'' - The Sims 2 The Naked Monkey Dance - The Sims 2
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Currently listening to:
 the steady screeching of the motherboard fan in my computer.
 (I think I need a new one)

Trivial Fact of the Day:
 I have never been on a rollercoaster.

I've just installed my new Thermaltake CoolMod into my PC.
It looks "cool" but the red LEDs do not seem to be as bright as the blue ones are.

Thermaltake Smart Case Fan II with CoolModThermaltake Smart Case Fan II with CoolMod

However, I had ordered the Thermaltake Smart Case Fan II with "CoolMod" from Tasmanian Principal Computers, but "Tool" ordered the wrong part number (A1556 instead of A1506) and I was given just the CoolMod without the fan.

So I then ordered an 80mm Blue UV fan to go with it.
Lets just hope they don't stuff that up too!

I'll check on Tuesday or Wednesday to see if it has arrived yet.

I'll put a photo on here (sometime after christmas) of all the modifications I will have done to my PC, with my new digital camera!


You want to buy me something for christmas? --->>
Only 7 sleeps to go!

Well this time I've updated the 20 Questions, the Websites and my Resumé.

I've started a Screenographs section in the Gallery.
It's like photographs, but they're from screens in games I play, hence screenographs!

Added the Coming Soon section.
A list of things I hope to add in the near future.

Christmas Wish List:

Fujifilm FinePix S5500
Digital Camera

Fujifilm FinePix S5500 Digital Camera

Thermaltake Multi-Function HardCano 13
Fan Controller

Thermaltake Multi-Function HardCano 13 Fan Controller
I wanted the HardCano 12 but they no longer stock it!

The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King
(Special Extended DVD Edition)

The Lord of the Rings The Return of the King (Special Extended DVD Edition)

Firefly - Season 1 DVD
Firefly - Season 1 DVD

Wednesday the 1st of December 2004 - based upon the popular children's book by the same name.

Currently listening to:
Jay-Z/Linkin Park - Dirt Off Your Shoulder/Lying From You - streamed
(I might go and buy this album, Collision Course, next time I get paid...)

Wlel yrsdetaey snmoeoe bkroe itno my hosue and mxeid up all the kyes on my kbayreod.
...no just kidding. Anyway...

I've decided that my computer looks too dull and boring. And since it is possibly the most expensive thing in my house, I have decided to do something about this.
Um, hang on, that's not really a very good reason for anything, is it? Who cares! (No question mark here as it was a rhetorical question directed at my dumb self!)

So... I'm thinking tomorrow (or Saturday) that I might visit Mitre 10 during my lunch break and see if I can pick up some clear acrylic plastic to stick onto the side of the PC case.
This should save me something like $70 or $80, rather than buying a Window Kit from over the Internet, and then finding someone with a dremel or a jigsaw!

Additionally, after talking to Mugga, I currently have my eye on an Applique which I may then stick onto this window:

Tribal Angel Applique - CLICK for bigger!
Mugga has this one on his PC case.

I went and put my name down for a HardCano 13 today from Tasmanian Principal Computers. They've already ordered 15 of them. With any luck they should have them in before Christmas!

Oh, and I started a new job today!

Sunday the 28th of November 2004 - as seen on the nightly news.

Currently listening to: Endorphin - Sex & Violence
"...sex and violence makes the world go round..."

I've made a few minor colour and formating changes to the place - no surprises there!

Added a new section in the gallery to show off Websites I have made.

Added Heff's site to the Friends Links, and added names so you know who made/owns each site, ...which is nice I think.

Thanks to a suggestion from Pat, you now no longer need to "Resume" in order to view my Resumé.

I'm still working on the new GUI (Graphical User Interface, pronounced "gooey") for this new version of ArdorMix.
I've almost finished building & testing it, and I hope to have it here soon.

News for Thursday the 25th of November, 2004

Updated the Sandy Wallpaper.

Added my Online Resumé.

Added 9 new Story Jokes.

Made some improvements to the overall navigation.

Check it all out!

News for Thursday the 18th of November, 2004

Well, its only been 4 and a half years since I added any news to this page!

Admittedly, yes, I have been doing other things, including full time study at university, getting drunk with friends, working, a lot of bike riding, playing computer games, etc

I will be giving ArdorMix a complete overhaul in the next few days/weeks, completely redesigning every page to make it new and fresh!

ArdorMix will then be up to interface version 3. There was a version 2 back in June of 2003, but while it looked good, it had a very limited capacity for adding more content to this site, hence the need for version 3.

I Love Josie!

News for Saturday the 11th of March, 2000

Killing Heidi released their debut album, Reflector, on Monday. It's an awesome album!

Oh, the secret section has also been implemented at last (as revealed in the Message Board and the Mailing List).... see if you can find it!
Edit 18/11/2004: The secret section(s) will be back soon!

News for Wednesday the 2nd of February, 2000

Okay, here's the thing. I was going to add the latest news (when I had any) to this section, of the site, but by the looks of things I have allowed myself to get a little slovenly!

So to correct the situation, ArdorMix now has a Console to keep everything in order and allow easy access to all sections of the site!


News for Tuesday the 12th of October, 1999

Well, Garbage has just about finished their tour of Australia, and yesterday they made a guest appearance on Triple J where they talked about their upcoming B-Side Album and their new single The World is Not Enough, the theme song for the New James Bond Movie, by the same name.

I have taken the liberty of recording this interview, and plan to post a little bit of it, here on this site, within the next few days! Get ready! It's huge!

As well as this interview, which will include some wav/mp3 samples that you can download and listen to, there will soon be some very HOT PICS of Shirley Manson and the rest of the band, on this site for your viewing pleasure!

Check it out very soon!

News for Friday the 8th of October, 1999

Welcome to AshB's website, now with a new name! In the couple of days, this site will begin to offer you a large variety of things to see and do. These will include many pictures of beautiful famous artists and friends, along with many game utilities to download and play.

Sections to be included in the very near future: Shirley Manson (from Garbage), Quake II levels and character models (made by us and our very close friends), Britney Spears pictures, Shinia Twain pictures, and also places for You, our visitors, to submit and display your favourite things here on the Internet!

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