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The following is what's planned for the near future of ArdorMix, in no particular order of priority:

3D Graphical User Interface
This will make navigation of ArdorMix a little bit easier!
With a choice of skins for your every mood.

Additions to the Gallery
3G Mobile Phone
Portable Music Player
Websites I've made and am currently working on
More wallpapers

MP3 songs written and performed my AshB

Interactive Stories
A collection of evergrowing online stories, which you can add pages to!

Interactive Wallpaper Maker
You choose what you want on the picture, generate it, then stick it on your desktop!

More Jokes
Sick, crude, rude, but always funny!

More Links
With descriptions and a score out of  7.

Leave Comments
On my artwork, and see if other people feel the same way.

Leave your mark on ArdorMix!

Online Comic
I've sort of got the characters sorted out for what I want.
I'm currently undecided if they'll be in 3D or not.
It will, however, be set in the future, with a robot and a cat...

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